Op-Ed Contest Winners We asked RSJ students: What is journalism to you? Read the winning pieces We interrupt this program….. Need help with making sense of a world in which journalists—and so many others—are being insulted, demeaned and dismissed? March 14 classes have been cancelled and replaced by a series of workshops and gatherings designed to remind us why we do what we do, and how to protect ourselves in a time of hate. matters Forget the propagandists, naysayers and trolls: producing timely, verified news that holds power accountable, informs citizens and gives voice to the voiceless is more important than ever in these turbulent times. Why journalism Learn more about this session not normal Candid talk from working journalists on the choices they make to do their best work and keep their focus in challenging times. This is Learn more about the session Resilience and optimism Strategies for surviving and thriving as a journalist – and a human being – when uncertainty is the only certainty. Learn more about the session and beyond Borders Explore how journalists get across the border, keep a low profile and still get their work done. Learn more about the session Status of immigration Refugee, Immigrant, Permanent Resident, Citizen: Why you need to know the difference. Learn more about the session Being a critical reader in exceptional times Read between the lines and explore how politicians use language to move, convince and persuade audiences. Learn more about the session —and writer— Covering Islamophobia How journalists can expertly report on Muslim communities and discrimination without perpetuating stereotypes. Learn more about this session What is journalism In this video series, RSJ faculty share their perspectives on the renewed mission of journalism. Click here to see more from our faculty